The Dubai property market is all highlighted with the launch of Mercedes Benz Tower launch, thanks to its exceptional features, upscale architecture, optimal location and jaw-dropping prices! This project beautifully fulfils the demands of Dubai property buyer who wants to enter a luxurious home enriched with world-class facilities and human-centric architecture to provide a mind-relaxing experience like never before! In this blog we will indulge with exclusive insights of Mercedes Benz places, the almost sold-out prioject, making it irrestibale for buyers in Dubai property market!  

Mercedes Benz Places Tower by Binghatti in Dubai Downtown

What Awaits You in Mercedes Benz Places

Local real-estate developer Binghatti Properties joined hands with Mercedes Benz and launched a luxurious project for the people of Dubai, known as Mercedes Benz Tower Dubai. This skyscraper Tower will be built with the primary goal of innovation for customers.  The head of Mercedes-Benz Customer Solutions said: “By launching Mercedes-Benz Places in Dubai, we are breaking new ground by seamlessly integrating the world of Mercedes-Benz into the living environments of our customers and prospects.” Customer centricism is also one of the hundreds of unique aspects that will help you and provide you with the seamless experience of luxurious living.  The residential building is set to adapt the solution for residents, inspired by the customer-centric expertise and depth.

Luxuries of Mercedes Benz Places

Launching this $1 billion luxury residential project is one of the new brands offering every luxury one can think of.  The housing capacity is approximately 150 apartments. The Mercedes by Binghatti housing project offers serene views and duplex and triplex apartments in which to live.

The sky-scraper rising at a soaring height of 341 meters will offer the residents a range of luxury services.  Firstly, apartments with a swimming pool will keep you calm and relaxed, and you will be away from all sorts of worries. Not enough? Then this Mercedes Benz Tower Dubai offers exhibition spaces, spacious lounges, smart mobility apps that will ease your transport, valet parking, scooter and bike sharing services, chauffer services, electric vehicle charging ports, a private gym, cinema, spa and the amenities which you could think of.

Architecture of Mercedes Benz Dubai

The holistic and sustainable project of Mercedes Benz Places Dubai is envisioned to provide iconic architecture for the residents. The marvel was developed to dominate the skylines with its unique locations, amenities, and nearby areas. The plots are crafted carefully to provide structure and ease for the residents.

Price of Mercedes Benz Place

Mercedes Benz Tower Dubai luxury project is a 65-story tower. The price of the sensual experience starts at Dh10- million.  The property having 2 bed 3 bath apartment is offered for AED 10,499,999, followed by a 3-bed 4, bath apartment facing Burj Khalifa is approximately AED 20,299,999, and finally 4, bed 5, baths apartments costing AED 89,000,000.

Location and Units for Sale

This Mercedes-Benz Tower, launched in partnership with the German luxury carmaker Mercedes Benz, is located in downtown Dubai. This project is set to be completed in the year 2026 and is currently being built on a few leftover plots. The project is located near Burj Khalifa, which has the tallest free-standing structure in the world.

This skyline has two and three-bedroom floors, each with four suits and three suits.  Thinking about what the duplex will offer? It has primarily six bedrooms with a private swimming pool, cinema and spa. These triplex assets and units are not yet priced as they are set as exclusive, off-market units.

Why Invest in Mercedes Benz Places in Dubai?

As mentioned previously, uncountable luxuries and amenities are enough to captivate any brilliant investor; for the sake of argument, let’s put it in this manner: why invest in Mercedes Benz Dubai? The answer given by Binghatti is that many individuals are looking for trophy assets and want to invest in this place.

Secondly, from the analysis of the place and location, a board member of management in Mercedes Benz marketing and sales stated that this is the ideal place for investors. Even during the soft launch, the residential plots were near to the sold status. Thus, it could be stated that the Mercedes Benz Tower will benefit the individual investing in this luxurious residential building.

Nearby Places

Mercedes Benz Tower Dubai is not only mesmerising from the inside but also provides benefits to the individual due to its location. As stated earlier, the skyline is situated in Downtown Dubai; for the residents, there is comfort as some of the nearby places are discussed below, which will allow people to think twice before investing in this place.

1. City Schools at a distance of 1km

2. Marcato Beach at a distance of 7.6km

3. Dubai Mall at a distance of 1.1km


The iconic landmark of Mercedes Benz Tower is located in the heart of Dubai and provides all the luxuries any individual can dream of. Moreover, the analysis of the luxury collaborative venture between the local real estate and the German luxury automotive car manufacturer showed that the residents’ views would be soothing, the living experience would be unparalleled, and it is a highly demanded investing asset. Thus, it could be stated that from the residents’ and investors’ perspectives, Mercedes Benz Places Dubai is beautiful and beneficial. Further, this is one of the few places in Dubai and one of the rare luxury residential buildings constructed with the customer experience or satisfaction in mind. The futuristic design and technology merger with the real-estate will offer an experience for the individual which can be described as unequalled.