Downtown Dubai is not like any regular ‘downtown’ of the city but is more than that. The presence of iconic attractions and premium properties is what you can expect simply in Downtown Dubai. These attractions and the availability of an elite lifestyle are what make investors buy property in Downtown Dubai. Located around Dubai Creek this traditional place is exclusive and offers a wide range of commercial and residential properties for the buyers. Let’s gain more insights into what is attracting the buyers towards Downtown Dubai property.

Features Making People Buy Property in Downtown Dubai

Before discussing the features that are making people crazy to buy property in Downtown Dubai. It is important to discuss the features that make any property exclusive and attractive for the buyers.

  • Location of the property
    One of the basic features that make any residential or commercial property extremely attractive to buy is the location. This is because the location comprises the green landscape availability, views, and nearby areas. All of these facilities are a must for convenient living making any property appealing.
  • Valuation of the Property
    For the act of financing the feature that makes property premium is the valuation of it. Investment analysis, taxation, insurance and other aspects make significant valuations.
  • High Rental Yield and Capital Appreciation
    Another feature of the property that makes it highly stunning is the high rental yields. Local and international buyers want simply to get more for their investment.
  • Excellent infrastructure
    A secure environment and excellent infrastructure are what buyers expect from the property. This is because this feature is directly influencing the elite lifestyle of the occupants.
  • Amenities and Lifestyle
    Lifestyle and amenities including highly-quality recreational facilities and cultural attractions make the property the gem. This also helps buyers to elevate their lifestyle. 

Now, we are aware of the features that make any property captivating for buyers. Let’s test what’s the scenario with the Property in Downtown Dubai, which people are buying.

Strategic Location


Excellent connectivity is offered by the prime location of downtown Dubai which is along with the Sheikh Zayed Road. The connection to the rest of the city is offered by this road including key regions of Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach Residence.

The top attractions Downtown Dubai offers include:

  • The Dubai Mall
  • Dubai Opera
  • Dubai Fountain
  • Upscale Business Hub
  • Burj Khalifa Lake
  • Souk Al Bahar
  • 5 Star Hotels

Connectivity and Convenience


This is another major factor that creates a hike in Downtown Dubai property prices for the buyers but attracts them in a massive number equally. The availability of major retail stores including Carrefour, Waitrose and Spinneys will make your living convenient.

Besides, 5 metro states are nearby, and you can also choose other transportation options including Tram, Buses, Water Transport, and Taxi.

Unimaginable Infrastructure

Another feature that determines the Downtown Dubai Property Prices and attracts buyers is exclusive interiors and exteriors. A few of the iconic landmarks and tourist hotspots that are testament to the stunning infrastructure include:

  • Dubai Mall
    One of the largest shopping malls globally.
  • Burj Khalifa
    The World’s tallest building.
  • Dubai Fountain
    World’s largest fountain system choreographed.
  • Dubai Opera
    A hub of artistic and cultural events.

Investment Opportunity

Another characteristic due to which buyers are hurdling over the Downtown Dubai property is a massive investment opportunity. According to the Arabian news source Downtown Dubai is one of the highest rental yield generating areas. This is due to the presence of iconic landmarks. The average rental yield stands at a brilliant rate of 6.79% due to the central location in the city. Capital appreciation has also been excellent in Downtown Dubai.

Presence of Luxury Amenities


Massive numbers of buyers are interested in buying property in Downtown Dubai due to the presence of facilities. There are various state-of-the-art luxury amenities which are offered by Downtown Dubai properties including:

  • Wide range of entertainment options
  • Located near public transportation
  • Variety of floor plans
  • High-class furnishings
  • Variety of shopping and dining experience
  • Best educational institutions

Vibrant Community

Downtown Dubai is a vibrant cosmopolitan area which enjoys diverse residents, including Well-established Emiratis and foreign expats. The financial and business people are also highly interested in the property of Downtown Dubai as they want to work in a multicultural environment offering wider opportunities.

The place of Downtown Dubai is full of individuals with various nationalities and cultures. This makes the food of Downtown Dubai sizzling and tantalizing for the taste buds.

The environment of Downtown Dubai is family-friendly, due to which bachelors and individuals with families can live here. There are nurseries and activity centres that will help your child to stay active and busy all day long. The presence of an indoor playground and child-friendly atmosphere makes Downtown Dubai an attractive place to live.

Off-plan Investment Opportunity

Downtown Dubai provides lucrative off-plan projects which lead to direct capital appreciation during the project construction. The Property in Downtown Dubai proved itself suitable for a wide range of buyers.

The starting price of the studio apartment is 933,000, the 2 BR villa price is 3,028, 000 and the 5 BR apartments have a sale price of 36,645,500. Each of the off-plan property prices varies due to the availability of amenities and architecture.

Enjoy the Nightlife with Sizzling Cuisines

Downtown Dubai has various options for individuals who want to enjoy nightlife. Downtown Dubai offers hotspots including Cavalli Club, Neos, Bar 44 and Armani Prive that will make your evening unforgettable. Night Golf Club, Bars, Overnight Safari and more are there to make you unwind.

Final Thoughts

If you are willing to buy property in Downtown Dubai this will be the best decision from various perspectives. This includes the strategic location, availability of recreational facilities, connectivity with the rest of the city, high rental yield, capital appreciation and more. All of these features make Downtown Dubai an attractive and exclusive place to live. This family-friendly place in Downtown Dubai offers a wide range of property types and amenities due to which buyers are highly captivated by it.