The competitive landscape of the Dubai properties is highly influenced by projects like Mercedes Benz Tower Dubai which remains the symbol of luxurious and comfortable living. Mercedes Residences Binghatti provides the extravagance of living and offers the unrivalled experience of living. Besides the convenient living in the Mercedes Benz Places, it is one of the most expensive properties in Dubai. The flawless Mercedes Benz Tower Dubai is worth $1 Billion and what makes the new break is that each apartment in the tower has a mind-boggling price of $10 M.

Picture of Mercedes Benz Tower

The convenience and unobstructed views from the Mercedes Benz Places make it extremely expensive and competitive among other properties of Dubai. The inhabitants will get an enrapturing experience from the Mercedes Benz Dubai. Dubai property market is getting incredible every day with more competitive prices of the properties. Let’s discuss what is making the Mercedes Benz Places apartment worth $10M and how the Dubai property market is looking at this marvel with soaring prices.

Buyers are Ready to Pay for Mercedes Benz Dubai

According to Bloomberg, ‘Binghatti is the first of its kind for an automaker’. The sources further provided the view that the ongoing success of the Mercedes Benz Dubai is due to the exceptional services it is providing.  The project included elevators that transport cars to the penthouses. Such humongous architecture with such facilities has broken the Dubai property market, as it was never seen before.

Out of 182 residences 32 of the apartments are already sold, of this magnificent property. Dubai property is astonished over the price of its apartment costing $10 M, as buyers are interested to pay whatever amount it will take, and are shagging the apartment by paying $2,620 per sq. ft. which comes under some of the higher prices in Dubai.

Mercedes Benz Places Tower by Binghatti in Dubai Downtown

Uncontrolled Demand of The Dubai Property

Every day some new property developers come with the new luxury project in the desert and influence the Dubai property market and its glitzy ambiance. Mercedes Residences Binghatti is one of those properties that has completely changed the Dubai property market and increased the prices of residential apartments with its price-setting standards. Apartments with swimming pools and other exclusive services are what have given zenith to Mercedes Benz Places Dubai.

The demand for the Dubai property is continuously increasing as according to CNBC some residents have reported the rise in rent by 50%. On the other hand, one of the real estate professionals told CNBC “Believe me, people are willing to pay the price”. Taking this as an instance it can be understood, why the Dubai property market is showing an unusual response to the $10M apartments of Mercedes Benz Places. Amid higher demand, property prices will rise more.

Limited Availability of the Property

In the glittery skyline of Dubai Mercedes Benz Dubai is shining as a start. The exclusive and exceptional residence provides opportunities for local and foreign investors to buy the apartment even if it is worth $10M. Redefining the luxury Mercedes Benz Tower Dubai has limited apartments to offer, the developers of the property are not unveiling the actual available apartments which is making it more suspicious as Mercedes Benz Places is one of the extremely attractive opportunities for the inventors.

Mercedes Benz Places Dubai has upgraded its offering, places to rejuvenate and stay well. For the community fostering Mercedes Benz Dubai also provides cultural and recreational activities with multipurpose living. The project with these exclusive services has restricted the buyer influx due to the high demand.  As a result the number of buyers massively increased, making it difficult for the Dubai property to endure.

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Mercedes Benz Places Dubai is Not Yet Completed

The residential iconic tower of Mercedes Benz Places transcends the beauty of living nestled in the Emirates. Mercedes Residences Binghatti is a residential complex offering an exquisite range of units including 2 to 4-bedroom apartments and lavish 5-bedroom penthouses.

The project will be handed over to the buyers in the fourth quarter of 2026 and even with the uncompleted status, it has set an impeccable price that is 10.6 million AED. Residents can experience the pinnacle of sophistication in Mercedes Benz Places. Dubai market is responding to this expensive price of the Mercedes Benz Places apartment astonishingly, as after completion the price will surge more.

Phenomenal Success of Mercedes Benz Places

Expressing his satisfaction and happiness, Muhammad Bin Ghatti described the Mercedes Benz Places as, “phenomenal” due to its successful sales achievement. Within two months of the project launch unprecedented sales were recorded in Dubai’s vibrant real estate market. the marvel has to be set to astonish the occupants, and the Dubai property market as 50% of the apartments already sold, indicating the success of the project.


Choosing to buy an apartment in Mercedes Benz Dubai worth $10 M is completely based on one’s personal opinion. However, the unrivalled luxurious services and the shocking price of the units have completely disturbed the Dubai property market. This is because the availability of units is limited, services are exclusive, and the landscape is extremely competitive. The remarkable project of Mercedes Benz Places has broken the Dubai property market with its sales records, which were never seen before in the Dubai property market. The interesting aspect is that buyers are ready to pay, making the project more successful and projecting that the price will increase more.